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Honeywell Orbit USB Black, Hands Free

The ORBIT MS7120 has been specially designed for space-constrained environments ideally suitable for retail, pharmacies, convenience and specialty stores. Its unique contoured shape makes it useful both as a presentation scanner and as a handheld one which can be picked up for scanning bulky items that are difficult to access otherwise. The scan head can be tilted to a full 30% and this allows grater flexibility in application. It comes with a 20-line omni directional scan pattern that has the capability to produce 1200 scan lines per second. Thus its increased throughput, easy configuration, user replaceable cables and a host of other features make it perfect for multiple applications.

Honeywell MS7625 Horizon In Counter RS232

Honeywell MS7625 Horizon In Counter RS232

Honeywell’s MS7600 Horizon® is a compact in-counter hands-free laser scanner designed with a dense 20-line scan pattern that provides fast, efficient throughput.

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