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  • ECR Touch is designed with the end-user in mind, from years of research.
  • The software has evolved into one of the simplest POS applications on the market to use.
  • The software is fully customisable and many dealers brand it as their own, which is fine by us!
  • Using Rapid Database Management Design, ECR Touch is one of the fastest POS Systems on the market.

Click Here to Download the ECR Touch Software brochure in PDF.

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  • ECR Touch has developed a FREE iPhone app allowing users to view a live sales summary
  • This is extremely easy to set up
  • Users can quickly and easily scroll through their various terminals / stores
  • This software is currently only available on iPhone but there are plans to create a similar option for android users in the future

Click Here to Download the ECR Touch Mobile Software brochure in PDF.

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