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CES Inno POS for Retail

An indispensable POS solution for retailers of any size

Professional EPOS made simple. CES InnoPOS is designed to maximise your return on investment by increasing speed of service, improving staff productivity and reducing shrinkage. CES InnoPOS is designed for every level of business from independents to national retail chains. Boosting profits starts with controlling costs and greater visibility over daily business operations. With InnoPOS we provide the tools to combat shrinkage, tighten cash control, stock control and improve labour management.

Operators can be assigned with individual security levels and supervisors with authority to carry out voids on operators; ensuring full traceability on sensitive functions. Management operations may be set with security levels and audit trace functions which reduce the risk of discrepancy issues.

InnoPOS includes a training facility on current data, meaning users are able to enter training mode at any time, at the touch of a button. The clever trainee facility continues to train your new staff with prompts whilst selling. Other features include product search, multi buy features, CRM, gift card options, texting and ETop-up.

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CES Retail Features

Key Features

  • Intelligent Point of Sale
  • Tighter cash control
  • Multi-buy options and scheduling
  • Customer relationship management
  • Labour Management
  • Customer Accounts
  • Gift cards
  • Real Time Reports
  • Fast touch screen operation
  • Simple product and price maintenance
  • Intelligent training modes
  • Secure operator sign on
  • Line checks – simple stock control
  • Texting and ETop-up
  • Product search
  • Multiple and split tenders
  • Serial number tracking
  • Multiple bar codes, stock units and suppliers

CES ServePOS for Hospitality

Putting you firmly in control of your business

CES ServePOS brings many business benefits; speed of service, better staff productivity, cost control, visibility and reduced shrinkage. An increase in profits can be realised almost immediately. The ease and speed of use of CES ServePOS allows staff to focus on customers, taking orders, up-selling and efficiently dealing with requests such as reserving tables or splitting bills. The fast touch screen operation and easy to navigate screens minimise errors and reduce training, whilst the intelligent operator screen prompts friendly up-sell opportunities.

ServePOS features include; simple product and price maintenance, split tendering and multi-currency, flexible pricing, promotions and discounts, fast item search and multi-location floor plans.Delivering products direct to your customer’s door can unlock a whole new revenue stream, breathing new life into any business. Suitable for all types of operations, home delivery can bring in new found profits on those quieter days of the week. However when it’s busy you’ll appreciate the control, speed, order and efficiency this clever module will bring.

ServePOS’s restaurant reservation system helps capture guest information that will improve service, harden customer loyalty and allow you to take advantage of innovative new marketing techniques to bring customers back time after time.ServePOS includes mobile phone and online ordering tools such as order dispatch management, driver order assignment and cash drops, driver balance reports and SMS text notifications

Click here to download the CES Hospitality Brochure in PDF

CES Hospitality Features

Key Features

  • Intelligent Point of Sale
  • Tighter cash control
  • Bookings
  • Home delivery and takeaway
  • Customer relationship management
  • Labour management
  • Stock control
  • Customer accounts
  • Online ordering
  • Mobile phone ordering
  • Real time reports
  • Fast touch screen operation
  • Simple product and price maintenance
  • Multi-location floor plans
  • Caller ID integration
  • Secure operator sign-on
  • Advanced order scheduling
  • Line checks – simple stock control
  • Live stock countdown

CES Expert POS

A complete and comprehensive EPOS touch software solution for retail and hospitality

Advanced all in one touch screen EPOS system. CES ExpertPOS software is fast, reliable, and easy to use. Whether you have one till or multiple points of sale across several sites, you can create a bespoke solution unique to your particular commercial requirements.By connecting key business operations through a single, easy to use software system, CES helps you work more efficiently and effectively, reducing overheads and maximising profits. With quick and easy product setup, CES ExpertPOS is suitable for all sizes and types of retail or hospitality businesses.

Flexible sales, stock, customer and loyalty management. Whether you want a quick financial overview or a detailed, department-by-department, sales breakdown, CES ExpertPOS lays out the facts and figures that affect your bottom line in easy to assimilate formats.

Powerful back office functions to run your business efficientlyCES ExpertPOS includes a facility to back up data at key points – before any upgrade, and after each end of day. These backups can be to the local machine or to the CES own online backup server, for the added security of off site backup with no administrative overhead.

Click here to download the CES Speciality brochure in PDF

CES Speciality Features

Key Features

  • Integrated solution complete with card payment acquiring and mobile top-up
  • Complete solutions tailored to meet all your EPOS needs, whether one till in a single location or multiple tills across several sites
  • Builds, module by module, into a comprehensive suite of tools and services
  • Tens of thousands of licences sold worldwide
  • Compatible with leading Windows PC-based tills
  • Touch screen or keyboard operation
  • In excess of 75 built-in back-office business reports
  • Multiple reporting functions and X or Z readings
  • Built-in staff-training mode
  • Easy set-up backed by an expert support team

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